Heating Cylinders

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Our range of hot water and heating cylinders are a suitable and effective way to bring hot water to every household. These cylinders heat water directly and come in a variety of models such as, vented, unvented cylinders and direct and indirect cylinders. The choice of heating cylinder has an effect on how water is distributed to showers, taps and other hot water outlets. Choose cylinders constructed from both copper and steel. There are a variety of benefits that a heating cylinder brings, such as:

• Long lifespan
• Available in both copper and steel
• Heats water quickly and efficiently
• Reliable backup for when main heat source fails

An indirect cylinder relies on external appliances for heat, which then generates hot water or operates as a backup. With an unvented cylinder, mains water pressure is used to distribute hot water around the house. This allows your clients to take advantage of high pressure water supply. Vented cylinders are fed with cold water from the mains, heat it up and distribute it through outlets. Whatever your requirement, our vast range of cylinders is sure to contain the perfect choice.

All of these cylinders are built to last. On average, heating cylinders operate for up to 30+ years, amazing value! To add to that value, we offer fair, competitive trade prices, as well as free delivery on orders over £50, within 20 miles. Deliver a hot water solution to your clients that is both cost effective and reliable! For specialist parts, contact us. In some cases we will source what you’re looking for. We stock a huge variety of heating systems and essentials. Take a look at the rest of our ranges, including:

• Gas boilers
• Heating controls
• Central heating pumps

Stuck on a job? Give us a call, our team possess a wealth of knowledge that we’d love to share – From orders and enquiries to finding parts suitable for the job. Call us today on 01582 67533 for a free quote or consultation. Alternatively, contact us online!