Central Heating Pumps

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Showing all 1 result

Whether your client needs hot water on demand or boosted water pressure, a central heating pump is perfect for a variety of uses. Not only this, but central heating pumps are vital for any central heating system. These pumps are responsible for pumping hot water throughout the house. That’s why we recognise the important of supplying reliable pumps for any heating system. We offer a number of heating supplies for all jobs. Feel free to browse our ranges of:

• Heating
• Cylinders
• Gas Boilers
• Heating controls

Our range of heating supplies contains all that you need to get any job done. Discover the right pump for the job, our range contains a number of pumps for a variety of uses. Choose from shower pumps, domestic heating pumps, hot water service pumps and more. Each of these pumps are perfect for their own applications. Never wait for the kettle to boil again, thanks to your clients new hot water service pump. Boost shower pressure without replacing an entire shower system, with a shower booster pump.

Central heating pumps are designed to work with boilers, activating when a thermostat indicates that heat is required. Once activated, central heating pumps circulate hot water through the water heating system. Once the water cools, the boiler turns back on, reheating the water. Please note, for hot water systems that go up two floor levels, a circulator pump is required. Circulator pumps support higher flow performance alongside a high head pressure.

Reap the benefits of our free, local delivery service. Simply order over £50 within 20 miles to qualify. Whatever your requirements, we’d love to hear from you. Got a question or need a specialist part sourced? Contact us today and we’ll see if we can source the perfect parts for the job. Call us on 01582 675333 for a free, no obligation quote or consultancy. Alternatively, contact us online!