Shower Pumps

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Shower pumps are a cost-effective way to alter a shower system. We stock pumps suitable for a host of requirements. Save money on sourcing new showers, most problems can be solved with a simple shower pump. Easily and effectively boost low water pressure and flow rate in any shower system. Turn a mixer into a power shower, boost hot and cold water pressure and more. Shower pumps work through taking low pressure through a fast spinning impeller. Centrifugal force is then utilised to eject water at a much higher pressure.

Take advantage of competitively priced ranges that cover parts and products for any job. What’s more, order over £50 within 20 miles and save even more money, thanks to our free local delivery! We pride ourselves on supplying good old fashioned service to traders. All of our shower pumps are sourced from established manufacturers, so a high standard of quality is to be expected. We offer a large number of shower system essentials. Discover our vast ranges, including:

• Showers
• Shower trays
• Shower valves
• Shower enclosures

Finding the right shower pump for the job is easy. Choose pumps that feature either single or twin impellers. Pick a pump with a positive head or a negative head, we cater to all requirements. Positive pumps require 500mm of space between the cistern base and shower head. Negative shower pumps best used in line or above a water tank. Learn what matches your requirements by clicking on one of the pumps in our range and finding out more. For specific needs, give us a call. In some cases we’ll source the part for you.

Contact us today, call us on 01582 675333 or contact us online for a free quote or consultation. Whatever your needs, we’d love to help. Talk to our team for specialist knowledge on both shower pumps and a job. We’re always happy to recommend the perfect parts.