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Showing all 3 results

We supply a broad range of radiators to suit any style. From electric to designer radiators, we supply radiators perfect for your clients’ needs. Our radiator range features a number of high end brands, helping ensure a standard of quality in the products we supply. Check out some of our radiator range below:

• Electric radiators
• Designer radiators
• Central heating radiators
• Radiator accessories

We stock more than just conventional radiators. Keep towels warm with a chrome heated towel rail for a bathroom. Ditch the dinosaurs – Electric radiators are available alongside oil. Electric radiators are more efficient and compatible with smart heating controls. As well as this, electric heaters are also more effective than oil heaters, often heating up rooms faster and cheaper.

Discover our range of designer radiators. We supply a wide range of unique and stylish radiators, perfect for clients who want something more stylish than a white box. Find a desired design to suit their chosen style. Our team of specialists would love to hear your requirements and give advice. So let’s talk – call us on 01582 675333 with your requirements or questions.

Check out our range of spares and find the right parts for your specifications. We offer spares and parts for a variety of radiators, ranging from towel rails to brackets and more. Specific parts are available for sourcing if required. Contact us with your requirements, and our team of specialists will find the perfect radiator for the job.

Our radiators are all efficient in both heating homes and energy consumption. An efficient radiator saves money, as less time and energy is spent heating up rooms. This directly saves your client money, leaving them with more for your next job! Save yourself money and time on transport. Spend over £50 within 20 miles and qualify for our free, local delivery.

Our radiators are often better value for money, more reliable and easier to fit than older models. This means less time on a job and less chance of a call back. Enquire today – call us on 01582 675333 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, contact us online!